Have you ever thought about what it means to soar? We all know the meaning of the word: to fly or rise high in the air. For believers in Jesus Christ and the Bible, we often quote Isaiah 40:31 which refers to soaring (mounting up) on eagle’s wings. We sing about it, hope upon it and trust in it, believing in the promises of the Lord during our times of waiting. We look forward to the day when we will soar.

We often associate soaring with being on top – the top of our game with everything going well and running smoothly. Perhaps we finally landed the job we wanted or built our dream house, restored a broken relationship or received some form of good news. There’s definitely nothing wrong with those moments. We need those times in our lives.

But what if we could soar when things aren’t going so well? When we’re at the bottom of our game? At a perceived dead-end or hopeless situation? We’ve all been there. You may be there at this very moment.

As I was preparing for this blog, I reached out to a dear friend about her perception of soaring and what it means to her. Here’s are excerpts from her response:

“…usually when I soar it is when we have been after spending a lot of time in prayer, pressing in about something.”

“…soaring for me means that daily I willfully go before the Lord to seek His face, to be closer to Him so that when I am sent out or I find myself in a situation I see it the way He sees it, I respond the way He responds and I am not caught unaware. As the eagle high above sees things from a different perspective so do I and I have the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit with me and Jesus at the right hand of the Father praying and interceding for me.”

As my friend shared, she explained how both her walk and her identification with soaring has evolved from her younger years to the woman she is now. As I type this, I know that she is in yet another waiting period. She has entered a brand new season of trusting and she is discovering fresh ways to mount up as she walks out the Lord’s plans for her life. As she listens. Obeys. Follows.

There are thousands of resources and commentaries on Isaiah 40:31 and on eagles. Eagles fascinate me. They represent power, swiftness, independence, strength and freedom. They glide through the sky in seemingly effortless, graceful motions rising above the storms and relying on the wind thermals to lift them.

I encourage you to think about what it means to soar. For you. Your situation, your unique needs. Celebrate your soaring moments when things are all good in your world. When the storms come, resolve to mount up. Dig in. Be determined to soar even in the bad times. As you do, your perspective will change just as my friend who said, “I see things a little differently than the days before, I am doing things and responding to people around me differently.”

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