Most days I have my act together or at least think I do. Up and at ’em headed to the gym by 4:40 am, coffee and Jesus on the back porch, well-wishes and kisses to my husband upon his departure for work and a well-organized, fully-executable To-Do list for the next 8-10 hours.

Other days I can’t seem to add one plus one. Best of intentions thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. Unexpected phone call. Unsolicited request for activity or attention. Forgotten chore turned top-priority. Self-induced stress. Controllable factors or not, my day doesn’t always go as planned. I’ll take a good guess and say that you can probably identify.

Let’s face it, oftentimes we feel faint. Weary. Exhausted. Troubled, perplexed and beaten down. Maybe even ready to throw in the towel. Toss out responsibilities, duties and obligations. Ditch the tasks, chores and never-ending To-Do lists. Sadly, some may even consider giving up altogether.

What about the “normal” days though? When we don’t necessarily feel overwhelmed or beyond the ability to bounce-back but still require the strength and stamina to carry on? When we simply require the fortitude to pay the bills, provide for our families, honor our employers and simply walk out day-to-day life?

As Isaiah 40:31 so beautifully promises, when we wait upon the Lord, we shall walk and not faint. I’ve thought about “walk and not faint” for several days. I asked the Lord, “What does it truly mean? What is the most important message here? What do You want Your children to understand?” As I meditated over the Word it became as clear as the blue sky beyond my home-office window pane:

W – Willingly

A – Accept

L – the Lord’s

K – Kingship

You see, good day or bad, I’m not the King (Queen). To-Do list or no list, I’m not in control. I must willingly (every moment of every day) place myself, my plans and my intentions in His hands. Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV) says, “A man’s heart plans His way, but the Lord directs his steps.” I must accept His purpose and direction for each day as it comes, knowing that He holds my life in His care. I must recognize and acknowledge Him as Lord and praise Him for His Kingship over all things for all eternity.

As I WALK, at times along a straight, smooth path, other times upon a bumpy terrain, I can be confident that He will sustain me, keep me and I will not faint.

Do I really have my act together on any given day? According to my standards, I generally do. But I don’t want my standards. I aspire to WALK with Him, through Him and because of Him, believing and trusting that I will mount as eagle’s wings and will not faint.

Do you feel faint today? Why don’t you take a WALK with the Lord?

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