Journey to Jamaica: The Send Off

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since my son gifted me this trip. My, how time flies!

I love hosting friends and family in my home but I was hesitant to do so yesterday with our morning flight to Jamaica today. As I type this from the airport awaiting the boarding call, I am SO glad I decided to invite a few friends over for a pool party. We had the BEST time!

As I reflect on yesterday and last night, here are several thoughts:

*I am blessed with several great friends. I invited them on Tuesday (maybe even Wednesday) and they showed up on Friday to celebrate me. I felt the love and I would do the same for them.

*My husband is the best. This really should be #1 because he always, ALWAYS supports me in my shenanigans, crazy ideas, hectic schedule and loves me with a big ol’ giving heart.

*It’s completely ok to have pizza delivered (after the original gourmet sandwich order was scheduled for the wrong date). Seriously, I’m typically little Miss cook it, present it, make it perfect for my guests. (I LOVE being a hostess with the mostest. Not to bring attention to myself or anything I can do but to shower love and encouragement and my best on others). Sometimes it’s ok for me to let someone else do the work.

*My daughter is amazing, everyday in every way. She knows that I arise with the roosters, even on my birthday. She decorated the kitchen counter the night before and hand wrote “52 Things I Love About You” on a deck of cards. I cried a lot more than 52 tears (of joy) as I read each one with my morning coffee. Furthermore, after working 13.5 hours yesterday, she was more than willing to get up early enough to get us to the airport in time.

*It’s alright to type this from my phone standing in the boarding line and finish it later. Not everything is for everyone at every moment. Including some friendships. A lesson I’ve had to learn.

Gosh I’m blessed. And I don’t take it lightly.

Live Life, Y’all!

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