Journey to Jamaica: Chillaxin’

Sometimes I need to defrag. Unwind, chill out, relax. Refresh my mind, body and soul.

When it comes to mental and physical repose in Jamaica, there’s one speed: chillax (or chillaxin’ as I call it), which essentially means to calm down and relax. I’m getting better at it as opportunities abound to do so.

On our first full day at the exquisite resort, my husband and I embraced the slow-pace mode of the island country like two sponges soaking up every drop of the Caribbean ocean.

The bright, sunny morning was greeted with French press coffee on the private balcony of our beach house room. From the comfort of Adirondack chairs overlooking a soft, sandy shore and palm trees easily within reach, we sipped on Jamaican medium roast as an old wooden fishing boat navigated the mostly calm waves.

An hour or so thereafter we strolled to the club level restaurant a few short steps from our front door where we savored smoked salmon, fluffy scrambled eggs with mushrooms, more French press coffee and fresh fruit juice.

Then it was off to the oceanside infinity pool where there was no lack of beverage service, oversized beach towels and soothing spa-resemblance tunes. Several hours in that atmosphere is good for anyone, just sayin’.

Lunch offered a sprawling buffet of everything but the kitchen sink. We weren’t completely gluttonous although we could’ve been had the thought of grueling gym workouts escaped us. I’m proud of us for exercising at least a little self control.

Dinner included steamed lobster tails, fresh grilled vegetables and an amazing sunset. Again, oceanside. Heck, everything here is oceanside. It’s what my dreams of Heaven are made of!

While the idea of a late night show seemed fun and promised entertainment, we know ourselves too well and opted for PJs and one more look off our balcony before we called it an early evening.

My children will most certainly roll their eyes, as they know that EVERY night is typically early for us.

Hey, I say there’s no sleep like beach sleep and the best chillaxin’ includes plenty of it.

Live Life, Y’all!




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