Versatile Chicken Enchiladas

Homemade chicken enchiladas have quickly become a favorite dish at our house, particularly with my daughter’s boyfriend. We cook lots of chicken around here – baked chicken, grilled chicken, Insta Pot chicken, Crock Pot chicken and as a true Southern gal – as unhealthy as it is – occasionally fried chicken! Dang, I’m beginning to sound like the shrimp lines in Forrest Gump!

Anyhoo, since some folks have asked for the recipe, I’m more than willing to share it and I decided to do a blog about it because seriously, I probably make them slightly different each time depending on the current contents of the fridge and/or pantry when we get a hankerin’ for them (hence the versatility), so here ya go:


Tortilla shells, chicken, shredded cheese, enchilada sauce or chili, Mexican seasoning, sour cream, pickled, sliced jalapenos – let me do a lil more ‘xplainin’….

Tortilla Shells – Corn or Flour – soft taco size – For enchiladas I prefer the corn but my fam likes the flour so I typically use the flour

Chicken – my absolute favorite (and tastiest in my opinion) chicken to use is prepared in the Insta Pot! Place 3-4 large skinless, boneless chicken breasts, 1 can Rotel tomatoes, enough chicken broth to almost cover the chicken, 2 cloves garlic, salt and pepper in Insta Pot. Set that baby to “poultry” setting and let ‘er rip. Once you’ve released the steam (very important) and allowed to cool, pull apart into bite size pieces and set aside. **Save (refrigerate or freeze) all that yummy broth for a future use** Just sayin’.

Notes on the chicken: Most of the time I use leftover chicken because (believe it or not) we really do eat healthy around here 90% of the time and I meal prep chicken and roasted veggies. When I’ve just had enough of the same chicken for the week and I want to fix a family fav, I use the remaining for the enchiladas.

Shredded cheese – Mexican style, sharp cheddar, mild cheddar – whatever you have on hand…

Enchilada sauce – one can Old El Paso – OR – Chili – Hormel, no beans

Assembly (while the oven is pre-heating to 375 degrees):

I prepare two at a time because that’s what fits on my cutting board (instead of placing them on the countertop, ha). I fill each tortilla shell with chicken, several of the Rotel tomatoes from the Insta Pot and a nice handful of cheese and then I put a few dashes of Mexican seasoning (from a great restaurant in Oxford, MS who sells it – yum. You can use a few sprinkles of paprika and chili powder). Note: you will need to squeeze the juice out of the chicken and the tomatoes (seriously) so they aren’t too moist and don’t make your tortilla too soggy.

Roll tortillas tightly and place seam-down in a slightly greased (I use olive oil spray) glass baking dish. Pour 1 can enchilada sauce or chili on top.


Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove from oven. Top with shredded cheese and return to oven until cheese is melted.


With sour cream and jalapenos. And perhaps a side of refried or black beans.


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