Pulling Weeds

The weeds need pulling AGAIN in the front flowerbeds. It’s truly a NEVER-ENDING JOB! I keep thinking that there HAS to be a way to stop the madness. Newspaper, felt, weed killer, I’ve tried it all. I’ve heard that human hair works. Oh wait, that’s for the deer who ATE all of the new shrubs within days of planting. I’m getting the weeds and the deer confused. It’s nuts, I’m nuts, the weeds are driving me nuts! Even as I type this, they seem to be staring at me as if to say, “We’re waiting for you. Come pick us. We dare you.” Lord help me, I’m having conversations with weeds.

I posted a Facebook Live video about the dang weeds! I had an entire mop bucket full of ’em! That’s what I get for spending six days in Jamaica, I reckon. The gnarly little green things didn’t get their every-other-day attention and they darn near took over! There was plenty of weed in Jamaica, too. And if you’re wondering: NO, I didn’t partake. Not my thing.

Weeds: they keep coming back. In the flowerbeds and often in my life, your life. If they go unchecked, un-pulled, unattended to, they can take over. They can get so bad that the good soil struggles to produce healthy fruit in our lives. Can you relate? Or am I out here in the weedy flowerbed of life all on my own?

I’ve taken some time since the video post to think on this. What ARE the weeds in my own life? What can I do to prevent them from continuously creeping into the soil of my purpose? When I do allow them to take root, how quickly am I yanking them out? And just as I do every morning when I water the ferns on the front porch, am I consistently LOOKING for the weeds? In a proactive, top-of-mind, self-awareness way? Or am I secretly hoping, wishing and daydreaming that they will magically disappear? This can be a bit heavy to think about. Perhaps even heavier to address, if we are completely honest with ourselves.

As my journey into this subject moved forward, the Lord spoke to me about several weeds that can attempt to take root (and quickly spread) in our lives. While there are many that might creep (or rush) into our lives, these five are the ones that beckoned me to repentance:

Selfishness, Pride, Worldliness, Greed, Fear

In the spirit of transparency and vulnerability, this is tough to admit. In the act of obedience, I must share.

Selfishness – How often do I think of myself before others?

Pride – How many times do I act proud as opposed to humble?

Worldliness – When am I getting caught up in the world rather than things of eternal significance?

Greed – When am I classifying a want as a need and allowing it to turn into greed?

Fear – How often do I make decisions based on fear instead of love?

The Lord began to download scripture to me. It was as if He was saying, “My child, I’ve been waiting for you to have this talk with yourself – and ME.”

The Word is POWERFUL, y’all! Sharper than a two-edged sword. (Hebrews 4:12) Sharp enough to cut down any and all weeds in my life and yours!

So I’m sharing my heart and my own weeds and most importantly, God’s Word with you. Get your Bible, your notebook and pen. Then come on back and let Him speak to you.

The antidotes for the weeds in our lives are found in the Word. There’s so much good soil!! I’ve listed several below with short comments and relevancy:

Matthew 6:24 – Can’t serve two masters – speaks to the trap of WORLDLINESS

Galatians 5:13 – Serve one another – hard to be SELFISH when we’re doing this

James 4:6 – He gives grace to the humble – bye, bye PRIDE

Matthew 10: 8 – give freely; be generous – this will stamp out GREED in a heartbeat

1 John 4:18 – there is no fear in love; perfect love cast out FEAR

These are only a small taste of the goodness of God and His instructions for our lives. I have two pages full of scripture that dug a deep hole into my soul and ripped out BY THE ROOT the ugly weeds that I had allowed to contaminate the good soil of the Lord.

What are YOUR weeds? What have you allowed to take root and perhaps gain control of your purpose, God’s plan for you? The enemy loves to plant weeds and he is counting on you (and me) NOT to pull them. He wants us to ignore them and allow them to spread so that they get so bad that we’d rather look away than deal with them. A bit of a heavy subject but worth the thought.

For a good laugh, take a peek at my silly video. Then put on your best weed-pullin’ face and attitude and go to work! You’ll be glad you did. And keep pullin’ – again and again and again…

Live Life, Y’all!

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