Live Your Dreams

I had been awake and active for over twenty-four hours straight (29 to be exact) when I pulled up to the drive-through menu at a popular chicken salad chain and ordered one scoop each of chicken salad and pimiento cheese, both spicy with extra crackers. With my hair in a messy ponytail high upon my head, remnants of makeup on my face (no lipstick!) and large, round sunglasses to conceal the extra-heavy bags under my eyes, I proceeded to the payment window. As I reached for my wallet I knew I needed to eat quickly, shower, change clothes and return to the hospital. I was exhausted and certainly didn’t feel anywhere close to cute as I had the day before when I dressed in cropped and cuffed faded jeans and a sleeveless graphic tee topped with an open, short-sleeve, light denim shirt. What had appeared stylish on early Wednesday morning had transitioned overnight to a wrinkly, unintended pair of PJs. I felt yucky at best with my day-old deodorant, rat’s nest hair and puffy eyes until…

…the cashier at the window complimented me – on my outfit followed by my hair. She told me that she loved my tee and the way I coordinated the entire look with the multiple shades of denim. She liked my “messy bun” piled high on my head and even the big ol’ sunglasses. That sweet young gal told me that I had it going on and that she would’ve never guessed my age (yep I told her) or believed that I had been up nonstop for 29 hours (yep I told her that, too).

Y’all! I rolled outta that parking lot with a bunch more than spicy bird salad and a cheesy, creamy concoction to spread on crackers. I felt pretty. I felt revitalized. I was grateful. Grateful for someone who took a moment to say something nice to me. Thankful for a youthful soul speaking to my 52-year-old-tired-self. And I was reminded. Reminded that God sees me. He sees my heart. My soul. My ups and downs, my hurts, my desires. My messes that go well beyond my physical appearance. He loves me. In that moment. That moment when I felt unattractive, worn out and just plain exhausted. And all moments. And He whispered, “Pass this on, my love, my daughter. There are more of you. More of those who are weary, worn-out, who need a word from you, a Word from Me.”

I have dreams. We all do. On that morning when I pulled the “Live Your Dreams” tee shirt over my head, threw a denim shirt on top of it and front-tucked it into my faded denim jeans, I thought about my dreams and aspirations for a brief moment. Then I drove to the hospital to be with my mother. To love on her, support her, care for her. Twenty-nine hours later as I neared the opportunity for a shower, I realized that my dreams are quickly changing. Changing for closer alignment with my Father’s dreams for me. Transitioning to an even stronger desire for His will, plan and design for my life.

I make a mean chicken salad and a pretty darn good pimiento cheese, y’all. I really do! As good as mine are, neither will ever feed me the way those two scoops did….

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