Appointment on Aisle 3 Part One

If you’ve followed me any length of time – like for even one second – you know that I like to cook. Ok I LOVE to cook. It’s fun, relaxing and enjoyable with the best part being the joy it brings as I serve others flavorful meals and host family and friends in my home.

Grocery shopping is a different story. I don’t like it. By nature I am not a procrastinator but I will put off a grocery trip until the cupboard is darn-near bare. I have no problem making the list. And I can spend hours planning meals by combing through cookbooks, index card recipes and Pinterest. Just the thought of perusing the aisles for an hour (or more), dodging oncoming buggies, navigating the never-ending reorganized layout and digging for my rewards card at checkout can push my put-it-off button into overdrive!

I know, I know – I am aware of OO! Online Ordering. I can place an order online for pick-up and keep myself in the car away from buggies and people. Heck, I can even stay at home by choosing doorstep delivery. Both are viable options of which I will most likely continue to utilize.

So what’s the problem? Why am I even writing this? Am I being silly? Ridiculous? Maybe, from my perspective and perhaps yours too. But y’all, nothing that comes from the Lord is silly or ridiculous. From His perspective, He sees and thinks differently. His ways differ from ours. His thoughts are higher. So much higher.

So here I am composing a story about my love-hate (ok mostly hate) relationship with grocery shopping one day after I consciously and purposely chose to stand in line for 45 minutes to place myself smack dab in the middle of an overcrowded (huge understatement) supply of buggies and people at the grand opening of Trader Joe’s. Go figure!

To be continued…

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